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Watch the Ford GT's digital instrument cluster in action

"Back in my day, we had to pay attention to ALL the needles!"

Like the glass cockpit in airplanes and race cars, the all-new Ford GT features an all-digital instrument display in the car’s dashboard that quickly and easily presents information to the driver, based on five special driving modes.

The new Ford GT is a technological tour de force, but its digital prowess is not confined to the equipment that makes the car go faster. It's everywhere, including the dashboard.

The Ford GT's digital instrument cluster is a configurable unit that changes its appearance as the driver switches between the various modes. Normal and Wet mode are pretty similar, but as you can see in the videos here, moving to Sport, Track and V-Max modes rearrange various components.

GT's cluster swaps information around based on what the driver needs to pay attention to. When in more track-focused modes, the speedometer is less important than the current gear, and it's the opposite in V-Max mode, which is all about hitting the GT's top speed. No matter the mode, though, there will always be a tachometer on top of the 10-inch display.