Watch the first teaser for Kia's Detroit-bound sport sedan

Fewer than 40 days until we get to see the real thing!

Andrew Krok Reviews Editor / Cars
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Andrew Krok

's got a sports car coming down the pipeline, and to celebrate, it's engineered a long, drawn-out teaser that may technically qualify as torture.

On a new site called The Curve Ahead, Kia dropped the first teaser for its upcoming sports car. It features some engine sounds, some gauges, and some footage of the car tackling the technical Nürburgring Nordschleife, one of the trickiest tracks in the world. It also has a countdown, which happens to hit zero when Kia's Detroit auto show press conference starts.

The car is likely to carry the name Kia GT, because throwing the link into Roadshow's Slack channel came up with this description line: "GT Concept / Kia GT / Kia Detroit / Kia Sports Car." The GT Concept dropped back in 2011, and it looks very similar to a car that ended up on BurlappCar earlier this week. Both the concept and this supposed production mule are pretty slick, but we won't know for sure until January 8, 2017.