Watch the Faraday Future FF 91 EV tackle Pikes Peak

It set a record in the process, which is a nice feather for Faraday's cap.

Faraday Future

When Faraday Future went to Pikes Peak, it came back with a record. Now, you can watch the whole record run from start to finish.

The Pikes Peak YouTube page recently put up a video of Faraday Future's record-setting run. Its 11-minute, 25.083-second time put the all-electric FF 91 more than 20 seconds ahead of the previous production-EV record holder, a lightly modified Tesla Model S.

Pikes Peak wasn't just for fun. It helped Faraday Future figure out what vehicle components need strengthening, and according to the FF 91's pilot -- who also happens to be Faraday Future's principal engineer -- Faraday Future did find room for improvement in its battery pack relays and system seals.

The Faraday Future was stripped and caged for safety, but it carried the same hardware and software that will be present on the production model... if it gets to production. Faraday Future claims that the production FF 91 will pack 1,050 all-electric horsepower, sport a range north of 300 miles, and possess the capability for some degree of semi-autonomous driving.