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Watch technicians rescue a kitten trapped in a Tesla Model X

I hope you're ready to "Aww."

Tim Stevens/Roadshow

Tesla might get some guff for the long wait times at some of its service centers, but if you were told you had to wait because technicians were rescuing a kitten, that might change your attitude a bit.

YouTube user S U posted two videos: The first showed a Tesla Model X that was meowing. Well, okay, it wasn't the electric SUV itself, but rather a kitten that must have crawled up into the Model X's bumper at some point. Cats, like other animals, are known to take up residence in not-so-great places, including inside parked vehicles, especially if the cars are warm and the local climate is not.

S U took the Model X to a local Tesla service center, where technicians set about rescuing the kitten, which was believed to be in the bumper for some 14 hours. It was given water, and Autoblog reports that one of the rescuers adopted the formerly trapped kitten.

If you park a vehicle in a location where wildlife frequently hangs out, this tale might hit close to home. It never hurts to examine a vehicle before setting off, lest some cat or squirrel end up on the ride of a lifetime.