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Watch this priceless Ferrari F40 drift through snow without a care in the world

Sort of makes you wonder about all the decisions you've made in this life, doesn't it?

Most people are content to buy a collector's car and let it languish in an immaculately kept garage while it appreciates in value. The rest of us remember that cars are built to be driven, and to deny quality metal a chance to open up defeats the whole purpose of the motor vehicle. Thankfully, the Ferrari F40 driver you'll see below falls into the latter category.

The video is pretty straightforward. A Ferrari F40 heads to a ski slope, where it dons a set of chains and studded tires before unleashing hell upon the snow beneath it. There's plenty of drifting, loads of gratuitous slow motion, engine noise aplenty and -- naturally -- more than its fair share of Red Bull product placement. They're the ones hosting the video, after all.

If, one day, you see that I've won the lottery and want to hunt me down, you'll now know where to find me.