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Watch Max Verstappen drive his Red Bull F1 car down a ski slope

And you thought driving to work in the snow was tricky.

If you could see through Verstappen's helmet, we'd bet dollars to donuts that he's rocking one very wide smile.

YouTube screengrab via Andrew Krok/CNET

It should go without saying that Formula 1 cars aren't exactly set up for driving in the snow. But nobody told that to 18-year-old racing driver Max Verstappen, who took his Red Bull RB7 race car to Austria to spin around in the white stuff.

After Verstappen's car was delivered as close to the ski slope as possible, a helicopter picked it up and took it the rest of the way to Streif, the famous downhill ski track in Kitzbühel, Austria.

Red Bull's team outfitted the car with studded tires and snow chains, then they let Verstappen loose on the mountain. You can see what happened in the video embedded below.

The only other major modification to the car was a bump in ride height. Other than that, Verstappen tackled Streif with nothing more than his right foot. If you thought it took skill to get this car around a dry track, you ain't seen nothin' yet. It's a shame we'll never see a Streif Grand Prix.