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Watch GM's Cruise Automation navigate San Francisco autonomously

Since you probably don't have 23 minutes to spare, it's condensed down to a convenient timelapse.

It's been more than half a year since GM's Cruise Automation started operating autonomous vehicles in San Francisco. Now, we can see one in action.

GM released a video showing a Cruise Automation autonomous vehicle navigating the streets of San Francisco. According to the video, the vehicle operates without driver input for 23 minutes straight, and it's that drive that's been condensed down to this timelapse video. Let's be honest -- you probably didn't want to watch all 23 minutes.

Judging by the dashboard shown in the bottom left corner, this is one of the Chevrolet Bolt EVs that Cruise brought to San Francisco in 2016. GM purchased Cruise Automation in 2016 to bolster its autonomous driving efforts, and judging by the video, it's working out well.