Watch GM's Cruise Automation navigate San Francisco at night

There were reportedly zero events on the drive that required human intervention.

Andrew Krok Reviews Editor / Cars
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Andrew Krok

GM owns Cruise Automation, but it operates as a startup, working sort of outside the larger GM bubble. Its latest self-driving foray took place at night, and cameras were rolling.

The video above shows a nighttime cruise through San Francisco, behind the wheel of a vehicle driving autonomously, likely one of Cruise's Chevrolet Bolt EVs. According to Cruise's description, the 21-minute drive (a sped-up version is below) featured five scheduled stops and zero cases of human intervention, even when a raccoon makes its way into the picture.

While this is just one video, and it's not indicative of every Cruise attempt at autonomous driving, it's good to see a self-driving car's trip conclude without an issue. And the system isn't pitch perfect, with some jerky stops and some wandering in the lane, but it's still a pretty solid drive overall.

Cruise is no stranger to this type of video, having already released one of its self-driving hardware putting around San Francisco in the daytime. My guess is that the next one will feature some rain, perhaps.