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Watch Ford GT designer Camilo Pardo turn Instagram posts into art

This isn't something you can whip up at your local "Wine and Painting" studio.

Camilo Pardo's already lived a hell of a life. He designed the 2005-2006 Ford GT, which is a very pretty car. But he's also a fine artist, and Audi recently commissioned Pardo to turn Instagram fan posts into proper works of art.

Audi gave Pardo five different Instagram posts. Pardo went to work turning the pictures into paintings. The backgrounds might be different, but the important part -- the car -- is front and center. It appears that he uses vinyl to apply the Instagram post text, which makes sense, because freehand painting all that text would be awful.

Normally, you wouldn't want to hang an Instagram post on your wall, but this is a little different. Pardo won't paint you your own -- unless you pay him an obscene amount of money, I'm sure -- but his online store has some reasonable print prices.

(Hat tip to Hooniverse!)