Watch Dubai Police fly a crazy Star Wars-like hoverbike

How well will it work? The internet's not convinced it's a winner.

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Zoey Chong
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Dubai's crime busters will soon be swooping down from the skies. The oil-rich nation has begun training its cops to fly the S3 2019 Hoverbikes, the country's press office said in a tweet last week. 

The move comes a year after the Dubai Police showed off a Hoversurf Scorpion hoverbike at Gitex Technology Week in Dubai. The hoverbikes are described as a "first responder unit used to access hard-to-reach areas," CNN reported, citing Khalid Alrazooqi, general director of Dubai Police's artificial intelligence department, who added that he hopes to have them in action by 2020.

Not everyone's convinced these cool flying bikes can help Dubai Police do its job better. Many are concerned about efficiency, given that the bikes will only be able to fly up to 60 mph for 10 to 25 minutes with a pilot, but then require 120 minutes of charging time.

The internet won't quit making fun of it either.

Like my colleague Andrew Krok did last year, some express more serious concerns about the safety of the drone-like vehicle. Many floated the possibility of heads getting chopped off.

Alrazooqi clarified that safety rings will be added to the propellers.

If that's enough to soothe worried minds and you've got some spare money lying around, here's good news for you: The hoverbikes aren't exclusive to the police, with preorders open for civilian purchase at $150,000. While a pilot's license won't be required to fly the hoverbikes, buyers will be screened to ensure they can handle the technology, according to CNN.

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