Watch Apple's self-driving car cruise down the California highway

I would have never expected people to get this excited about some hardware, but that's 2017 for you.

Andrew Krok Reviews Editor / Cars
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Andrew Krok

When Apple received its permit to test autonomous cars in California, people started geeking out hard. Now, prepare to cry some more tears of fanboy joy, because Apple's car has been spotted in the wild yet again.

MacRumors posted a reader-submitted video, showing Apple's Lexus RX outfitted with all manner of self-driving hardware, including a Velodyne lidar emitter, multiple radar emitters and a whole bunch of cameras. It was just cruising down CA 101 in Palo Alto, minding its own business.

Apple isn't working on its own car, but rather it's developing a hardware suite capable of providing autonomous driving. It's unclear whether Apple will become a supplier, selling the tech to automakers who will then implement it, or if the tech titan is just burning piles of cash for fun. This kind of stuff ain't cheap.

Bloomberg News was one of the first outlets to catch Apple's self-driving hardware on the road. Expect to run into more and more sightings as Apple's development work continues over the next few years.