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Watch and learn how Ford built Ken Block's bonkers Focus RS RX

It's a long-ish video, but fans of race engineering will get a lot out of it.

Building a car that will survive nothing but crap-kicking is no small feat. It takes a village, and from what I can tell in Ford's video about building the Focus RS RX, it takes a village consisting mostly of professional engineers.

Ford put out a video chronicling the build of the Focus RS RX, a Rallycross machine boasting 600 horsepower and left under the control of one Ken Block, a man known for not exactly babying the cars he drives. There's a bit of your standard marketing in here, but there's also plenty of engineering porn.

Did you ever wonder how many different ways you could build a rear wing, or what it takes to slap together a four-banger capable of 600 horsepower? Wonder no more as you spend the next 16 minutes wondering exactly why you didn't go to school for mechanical engineering.