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Watch and learn how Ford built Ken Block's bonkers Focus RS RX

It's a long-ish video, but fans of race engineering will get a lot out of it.

The Ford Focus RS RX was designed to be the ultimate rallycross vehicle in the FIA World Rallycross Championship. Collaborating with UK-based M-Sport and Hoonigan Racing Division, Ford Performance engineers implemented the same high-tech instruments and procedures used on production vehicles to develop the Focus RS RX for competition. The Ford Focus RS RX vehicle development is Ford Performance’s factory program in the FIA World Rallycross Championship series. “Project RX” takes an inside look at the development process between the Ford Performance team based in Dearborn, Michigan, the UK-based M-Sport, and Hoonigan Racing Division.

Building a car that will survive nothing but crap-kicking is no small feat. It takes a village, and from what I can tell in Ford's video about building the Focus RS RX, it takes a village consisting mostly of professional engineers.

Ford put out a video chronicling the build of the Focus RS RX, a Rallycross machine boasting 600 horsepower and left under the control of one Ken Block, a man known for not exactly babying the cars he drives. There's a bit of your standard marketing in here, but there's also plenty of engineering porn.

Did you ever wonder how many different ways you could build a rear wing, or what it takes to slap together a four-banger capable of 600 horsepower? Wonder no more as you spend the next 16 minutes wondering exactly why you didn't go to school for mechanical engineering.