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Robin Aron

Watch a Volvo truck pull a paraglider for no reason whatsoever

It's supposed to tout the benefits of the truck's transmission, but I don't really see that.

The marketing budget at Volvo Trucks must be yuge, because it decided to show off its new transmission by closing a Croatian road and pulling a paraglider underneath a bridge.

There is a connection between these things, but it's tenuous. This is meant to show off Volvo Trucks' new dual-clutch transmission, which "enables excellent performance," the same kind of performance required to keep the paraglider from having his feet burnt off by the road or being decapitated by a bridge. I think.

At the minimum, this transmission prevents the driver from having to do all the shifting, which could make things considerably more treacherous. No matter how silly the reason is for this video, it's still an interesting watch.