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Watch a Range Rover Sport SVR test acceleration in sand, snow and gravel

As expected, its 0-62 time in the snow is... not great.

The Range Rover Sport SVR is one hell of a quick SUV on the pavement. But it's still got plenty of hustle when the going gets rocky... or sandy... or snowy.

To prove that point, Land Rover ran a series of 0-62 mph acceleration tests with its 550-horsepower, four-wheel-drive performance utility vehicle. It tested its mettle in the gravel, grass, sand, mud and snow. Don't worry, it managed to hit 62 mph in every test.

In fact, it proved quicker on strange surfaces than many regular cars on pavement. It hit 62 in 5.3 seconds on the gravel, in the grass and sand it took 5.5 seconds and it managed 6.5 seconds in the mud.

Its snow test was perhaps the least impressive, taking 11.3 seconds to hit the target speed, but then again, try that in your daily driver and see just how long it takes.