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Watch a McLaren race a drone, because Dubai

The video is a promotion for next week's World Drone Prix, although it could also be a trailer for a really neat video game.

Is this a race, or is it a video game?

There isn't a piece of content better suited to the 21st century than a video with a drone racing a six-figure supercar through neon gates in downtown Dubai. To promote the upcoming World Drone Prix, its organizers put together that exact video, with a little help from the fuzz.

In the video, a drone hustles its way through a series of neon gates while trying to best a McLaren 650S, which so happens to be a promotional vehicle from Dubai's police force. It's closer to a video game trailer than a standard YouTube video, as it's heavy on the graphical overlays and the quasi-techno music to match.

Even if the World Drone Prix is only halfway as exciting as this video, it'll be worth checking out. Over 100 teams are participating in this event, which takes place in Dubai between March 7 and 12.