Watch a Land Rover Discovery pull a 121-ton 'road train'

That's about 267,000 pounds, for those of you using Freedom Units.

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Andrew Krok
Land Rover

It should go without saying that Land Rover Discovery owners should not attempt to tow a 121-metric-ton, seven-trailer semi truck, even though Land Rover itself did exactly that. LR doesn't have a warranty to worry about. You do.

In order to show off the capability of its diesel-equipped Discovery SUV, and to announce the introduction of the Discovery's 2018 model year, Land Rover hooked it up to the aforementioned 328-foot-long road train and towed it 9.9 miles on a closed section of highway in Australia's Northern Territory.

It should be noted that the Discovery Td6 diesel's standard tow rating is a still-impressive 7,716 pounds with the right setup, and any attempt to do this on your own will probably void the warranty until the end of time. There are better things to do with 443 pound-feet of torque.

Land Rover isn't the only automaker towing ridiculous things. Earlier this year, Porsche's 2018 Cayenne towed an Airbus A380 -- weighing some 628,000 pounds -- earning a Guinness World Record in the process. 

Land Rover Discovery cares not for tow ratings, pulls 121-ton road train

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