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Watch a hydraulic press absolutely demolish a spinning turbocharger

You didn't expect the turbo to survive, did you?

The always-interesting Hydraulic Press Channel has turned its attention to the automotive industry. The internet's favorite Finn put a turbocharger under his press, and the results are as fun as one might expect.

The turbocharger is actually spooling up and pressurizing air as the press begins to crush it. Since it's spinning without any flowing oil to cool it, the central portion of the turbocharger is hot enough to slightly melt as the press comes down on it. One whole half of the snail basically shatters on impact. It's a good one to watch.

As a bit of bonus content, the Finn then turns his attention to a small radio controlled car, which suffers a much flatter fate than the turbocharger before it. Watching this YouTube channel never gets old.

(Hat tip to Motor1!)