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Want a 2011 VW Jetta for under $6,000?

Volkswagen is offering 2011 Jettas for $5,995 on luxury discount site


Volkswagen has teamed up with luxury discount site Gilt Groupe to offer a limited number of 2011 Jettas for $5,995.

The purchase price of each car will go to Dress for Success Worldwide, an international nonprofit that helps economically disadvantaged women.

One Jetta is up for grabs each day for three days. Sales started today and will resume tomorrow, December 16, and Friday, December 17 at noon (I'm guessing Eastern time; the site doesn't specify, although there is a really cool countdown clock).

You have to register on the Gilt Web site ahead of time, and it's a little complicated: You request to register, and then you'll get an e-mail back a few hours later confirming your registration.

The 2011 Jetta regularly sells for $15,995 to $21,395.