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Wagons, vans, wings and Formula E: Our week on Instagram

Oh, good, Carfection's come back.


Last week, we lost Carfection as those gents had far more important things to do than supply me with Instagram pictures for our weekly roundup. This week, they're back, so we've got action on both sides of the Atlantic. By the way, don't forget to follow us on Instagram. Once every single one of you follows us, I can stop making these. That's as good a reason as any.

Carfection didn't have a terribly busy week, at least in terms of things that are worth pictures. Alex spent some time in Porsche's brilliant 911 R, which makes me immensely jealous yet again. The crew also went to witness the unveiling of Jaguar's Formula E car, which signals the brand's return to motorsport. Not a bad week, that.

As for Roadshow, it was yet another crazy week. Antuan and Emme put together a shootout with Nissan's 370Z and Subaru's WRX STI. Emme ate dinner on the STI's wing, while Antuan took an hour to fold the 370Z's seats. Paukert went to Germany to drive the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class station wagon, as well as the Mercedes-AMG E43. He also saw what is probably the coolest van on the planet.