VW T-Roc gets racy in Frankfurt with new R-Line trim

The thing's not even out yet, and Volkswagen's already hopping it up.

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Volkswagen's R-Line packages grant a certain aggression to cars that might otherwise seem pretty sedate. Not long after its debut, the R-Line package has made its way to the subcompact 2018 VW T-Roc.

As with other R-Line packages, the T-Roc's kit affects the aesthetics alone. Outside, you get a sportier rear diffuser, dark red LED taillights and a black lower air intake. Both bumpers are a bit angrier, and along with some door trim, all that good stuff is painted in the same color as the rest of the body. 18- or 19-inch alloy wheels are available, both of which are painted on the darker side.

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This thing would look gnarly with a GTI or R treatment, too.


There are R-Line badges scattered about, as well, because there always is. There's a badge in the grille and badges on both front fenders. Somewhat strangely, there isn't an R-Line badge out back.

The interior makes up for the seemingly small number of R-Line logos outside. There are badges on the doorsill trim, the infotainment's welcome screen, the R-Line-specific steering wheel and the cloth-and-microfiber front seats. The headliner is black, and there's decorative stitching on the floor mats, gearshift boot, seats and center armrest. Capping off the look is a set of stainless steel pedals with a matching footrest.

Everything else is the same as the standard T-Roc. European buyers get six different engine choices -- three diesel, and three gas. Front-wheel drive is standard, but AWD is available, as is a six-speed manual transmission. Safety systems abound, including standard autonomous emergency braking and lane-keep assist.

Sadly, I wouldn't count on the T-Roc coming to the US. Volkswagen will undoubtedly seek to capitalize on the US subcompact crossover market, but we've been told that the T-Roc doesn't fit the bill. It'll launch in Europe in November.

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