VW sketches T-Cross small SUV as it inches toward production

The original concept debuted all the way back in 2016.

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It looks pretty beefy for its size. I think it could end up looking way better than the T-Roc.


The Volkswagen T-Cross concept was a wild two-door convertible SUV concept. But when it makes it to production in the next few years, it'll adopt a decidedly more normal look.

Volkswagen has seen fit to give the public its first taste of a production T-Cross compact SUV with a new design sketch. The car hasn't been finalized in its assembly-ready form yet, but the sketch shows us a small four-door crossover that looks pretty ready for the big time.

The T-Cross will rest below the T-Roc in Volkswagen's European SUV portfolio, which also includes the two-row Tiguan, three-row Tiguan Allspace and Touareg. Volkswagen said that the T-Cross will also make its way to the Chinese and South American markets in the future. The US likely won't receive the T-Cross -- and since we didn't get the T-Roc either, that means the smallest VW SUV in the US will remain the three-row US-spec Tiguan.

Volkswagen did divulge a few details about the T-Cross along with the sketch. It'll be built on the MQB platform, which also underpins the A3 and Volkswagen Golf. It'll have standard forward collision warning, autobrake and lane assist, too. As for powertrain details and all that, we'll just have to wait.

If you don't mind a bit of forbidden fruit, Volkswagen said it will debut the production version of the T-Cross this fall. That puts it as a likely debut during the Paris Motor Show in October, unless Volkswagen decides to go off the grid and stage a separate debut somewhere else.

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