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VW Space Up concept takes hydrogen

Space Up makes its U.S. debut and new details on what a concept mini mini van might run on come to light.


Volkswagen introduced the Space Up to the U.S. press at the 2007 LA Auto Show on Wednesday.

With its U.S. debut, Volkswagen has offered a little more information on the Space Up concept car, which was unveiled at the 2007 Tokyo auto show in October.

The hybrid concept vehicle, which would run on a combination of compressed hydrogen fuel and lithium-ion batteries, would have a top speed of about 75 mph.


Its batteries could be recharged from common electrical outlets. On electrical battery power alone, the Space Up could travel about 155 miles, and on a full tank of hydrogen would have a range of about 220 miles.

In keeping with the Space Up' s environmentally friendly theme, much of the interior is made from recycled materials that include wood, plastics, and organic plastics (aka biopolymers).