VW might unveil pickup concept in New York

It could be built in Tennessee, which wouldn't hurt from a political perspective.

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has had a pickup truck as a consistent part of its lineup since 2010, and now, the US may finally get a taste of it.

VW is expected to bring a pickup truck concept to the 2018 New York Auto Show later this week, Automotive News reports, citing a discussion with an anonymous source. Volkswagen declined to comment.

According to AN's sources, the pickup truck is still under consideration for the US, and its decision is probably connected to how well the concept is received following its debut. It could be built in Tennessee, probably at the same Chattanooga facility that currently builds the Passat and Atlas. Speaking of the Atlas, AN's sources claim the pickup's chassis will be based on VW's new three-row SUV.

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The current Amarok debuted in 2010, so this alleged concept could possibly preview a new global model.


Volkswagen's current pickup, the Amarok, is not sold in the US. Available with a gas I4 engine or a choice of two diesels (I4 and V6), the truck offers both double- and crew-cab configurations, as well as a buyer's choice of rear-wheel drive or 4WD. It's a bit larger than the current Ford Ranger, which will soon make its way to the US with some light freshening.

Volkswagen won't be the only automaker diving deeper into a light-truck lineup. Ford intends on greatly expanding its SUV and truck offerings in the coming years. Jeep has a pickup variant of the Wrangler on the way, too.

Either way, if VW does have a pickup hidden up its sleeve, we'll know for sure in less than one week. Keep your eyes peeled to Roadshow for this and way more coverage from the Big Apple .

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