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VW Begins Much-Anticipated ID 4 Software Upgrade

The update brings new features and the promise of additional upgrades in the future.

VW ID 4 Software Upgrade
This is the first of multiple updates, so more new perks are on the way.

So many new vehicle features are software-based, it gives automakers the opportunity to add new elements to the ownership experience after the car leaves the dealership. Volkswagen's latest update brings new capabilities to its ID 4 electric vehicle, although you'll need to head back to the dealer to get everything installed.

Volkswagen this week announced that it will begin rolling out software updates for the 2021 ID 4 and select examples of the 2022 model. This update brings new features, and it's also a requirement to receive future updates.

The upgrade improves the navigation software, allowing owners to be a little pickier when it comes to choosing charging stations along a planned route. The navigation will now allow for filtering that highlights Electrify America stations, as well as filtering for specific desired charging speeds. The ID 4 comes with three years of Electrify America fast charging, so this is a good way to help owners save a little scratch on the road.

VW's ID 4 update also brings automatic brake holding into the equation. Auto hold, as it's generally referred to, will automatically apply the brakes after the vehicle comes to a stop, allowing the driver to take their foot off the brake pedal while the vehicle remains stationary. The feature, which can be deactivated if a driver chooses, has been a popular request from early ID 4 owners, so it's clear the automaker is taking this feedback serious.

There are also some changes to the digital gauge cluster. The battery icon now includes a state-of-charge percentage, and the cluster will also display the current vehicle mode. A trip computer has been added, as well. The update also includes a few unspecified bug fixes and security improvements.

Sadly, owners won't be able to get this update via over-the-air technology. Thus, any ID 4 looking for this upgrade will have to head to the dealership, where technicians will apply the software and also replace the vehicle's 12-volt battery. That only applies to 2021 vehicles, though; owners of 2022 models will receive additional information on how to get updates applied to their cars.