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VW ID 4 SUV teased at Frankfurt Motor Show

Tucked away at the back of VW's stage is the next ID vehicle to make its debut.

It bears more than a passing resemblance to both the ID 3 and the ID Crozz concept.
Andrew Krok/Roadshow

The Volkswagen ID 3 was one of the biggest debuts at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, packing decent range and some solid tech into a package that will undoubtedly be attractive to the hot-for-hatches European market. But hidden away at the back of VW's stage was something that's way more applicable to US buyers.

At the Frankfurt Motor Show, Volkswagen offered its first tease of its next ID electric vehicle. Believed to carry the name ID 4, it looks to be the production version of the ID Crozz, which will be the first ID EV to make its way to the American market.

The car was awfully hard to photograph, being obscured by two panes of glass fitted with the same camouflage that wrapped itself around the actual vehicle. The panes of glass changed opacity every couple of seconds while beams of light shot through the ID 4's hidey-hole.

We'll have to wait until later to get a better look at the car. It likely won't make an appearance at the LA Auto Show in November, given the inherent costs in moving such a structure across an entire ocean, but maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised.

The ID 3 is easily one of the biggest debuts in Frankfurt. All three variants of the 1st Edition trim that will be first to market will carry a 58-kWh battery that provides up to 261 miles of range by European WLTP estimates. Eventually, it'll be joined by a larger 77-kWh battery, bringing the range up to 342 miles (WLTP). Those looking for a bargain will likely opt for the 45-kWh battery, dropping range down to just 205 miles.

Volkswagen is quite skilled at making a vehicle hard to photograph.

Andrew Krok/Roadshow