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Volkswagen shows off the ID 4's ID Light feature in a new video

The system uses a band of LEDs to convey a variety of information to the driver.

Volkswagen's ID 4 SUV is cool for many reasons, like its cool front-end styling and its electric powertrain, but it's also cool because of the way it communicates with its driver. Most cars would use electronic beeps or flashing warnings in the cluster, but VW takes it a step further.

The ID 4 uses a strip of color LEDs that run the dash's full width to help convey information to the driver, as you can see in the above video posted Wednesday. It moves lights around, changes colors and flashes in conjunction with the vehicle's digital assistant. It sounds a bit sci-fi as I describe it, and watching the system work still feels a little sci-fi.

The thing that makes VW's light strip cool is that it's meant to be seen in your peripheral vision. Its signals are big enough to be picked up on without having to direct your full attention to them. This makes it helpful for displaying navigation directions or even your current charge status. It's a relatively elegant means of conveying information in a car that features such a minimalist interior layout. We'd love to see it make its way into other models, too -- even non-ID ones.

The ID 4 Pro (currently the only version you can order) is set to arrive this summer with prices starting at $41,190 before any tax incentives.

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