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VW ID 4 Pro configurator is working and reservations are open

How would you configure yours?

Getting that blue color is going to cost you a lot more than you think.

Do you have a fever for the flavor of the new Volkswagen ID 4 electric crossover? Well, we have good news because not only is the configurator up and running after having crashed on the day it launched, but you can also reserve your ID 4 (as long as you don't want the First Edition; that's sold out).

Since you can't order the First Edition, all that's available for preorder is the Pro model, which can be had as a base model, with the Statement package or, finally, with the Statement and Gradient packages together. It seems pretty basic, right? Well, yes and no. If you want access to colors other than white, gray, black or silver, then you have to option up to one of those packages.


Once you're done configuring, VW will let you make a reservation for the ID 4 of your dreams.


If you want your shiny new ID 4 in the very attractive launch color Dusk Blue Metallic, you will have to go for the Statement package, which adds $4,500 to the price of the base ID 4 Pro. If you want a red ID 4, be prepared to add another $1,500 on top of that $4,500 to get Kings Red Metallic. It's a weird way to do this, and we hope it doesn't catch on.

The base ID 4 Pro with rear-wheel drive starts at $39,995 and will start being delivered in mid-2021.

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