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VW eGon concept is a cut-apart e-Golf meant to get kids excited for tech

It'll be at IdeenExpo in Hanover starting June 15.

Might want to wear a helmet when driving this thing around.


Vehicle cutaways are usually relegated to auto shows and vehicle launches, as they help describe some of the underlying parts that contribute to a car's handling or safety. Rarely are they still drivable, functional conveyances, but Volkswagen's eGon is.

VW on Friday previewed its eGon concept ahead of its formal debut at the IdeenExpo in Hanover, Germany. It shows off just about every inner working of the electric e-Golf, and I mean just about every, because it's still a drivable, functional vehicle -- minus the body panels and all that jazz.

There's a big education component, too. Not only will expo attendees get to check out the intricate components that compose an electric car, some of the parts will have QR codes on them. Scan one, and it'll open up specific information about that one part. It makes sense that it's debuting at IdeenExpo, since it's one large youth even focused on science and technology.

The idea for the eGon didn't come from a suit with a marketing degree. Instead, it came from students in Volkswagen's vocational training program. Eight students from eight different disciplines came together to create it, and the result speaks for itself. It's more dynamic than the average cutaway, and it gives kids a look at a type of car that will be far more present than it currently is.

"This is the first time I've been involved in this kind of project and I've learnt so much. The eGon model is very complex and required lots of different skills," said Justin Pausch, one of VW's vocational trainees, in a statement. "We're really looking forward to IdeenExpo and presenting our project to visitors at the event."

You versus the car they told you not to worry about.