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VW debuts its '80s-inspired GTI BBS enthusiast concept

The car, which was developed with VW enthusiast Jamie Orr, might be our perfect MkVIII.

The GTI BBS concept is delightfully '80s, but without the kitsch.

Volkswagen's Mark VIII GTI is a rad car, sure, but it's not rad in the way that classic GTIs of the '80s and '90s were, though the company teamed up with noted VW enthusiast Jamie Orr to make one that is. The latest VW enthusiast concept, announced last week, is called the GTI BBS concept. As its name would suggest, it's packing some killer classic BBS wheels and other visual modifications to give it an appropriately '80s vibe.

The wheels were picked by Orr and are 19x9-inch BBS Super RS models wrapped in Delinte 235/35/19 D7 tires. This style of wheels has been widely used, and much loved on European cars since the '80s. He also lowered the car by fitting H&R coilovers which he modified to add camber adjustment for the front.

The GTI BBS doesn't get any power-adding modifications aside from a Borla exhaust system, which is the first aftermarket system available for the brand-spanking-new MkVIII.

Finally, Orr added a stellar-looking set of black and red stripes that call back to GTIs of old without coming off as too over the top. The interior of the MkVIII remains untouched.

Overall, it's a really fantastic take on an already-great car, and we kind of wish Volkswagen would just put this version of the car on sale because it's almost exactly how we'd have our 2022 GTI when it hits US dealers later this year.

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