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VW camper spreads peace with Lego pieces

The iconic red Lego VW camper van is now an exclusive Lego kit. The Lego "hippie van" features doors and windows that open and a roof that pops up. And a lava lamp.

Created by MDKGraphicsEngine - Licensed to LEGO System A/S
The new VW Camper brings back memories of love, peace, and road-tripping. Lego

It's not too late to experience the 2011 Summer of Love--at least in Lego form. A red Lego VW camper van set will soon be hitting the highway for some psychedelic road-tripping.

Modeled after the T1 Camper from 1962, also known as the "Kombi" the Lego version includes the "V" shape three-way color split at the front; rounded roof and window frames; and opening "splittie" safari front window. All of the doors open and the roof pops up in this re-creation of the iconic vehicle.

The designers at Lego thought of everything. The exterior sports three subtle curves around the front and contouring that continues along the sides. A representation of the flat-four air-cooled VW boxer engine fits above the rear axle--as it would in the original. And the interior of the camper comes complete with Lego versions of a fold-down bed, a kitchen sink, a cupboard that opens, a mirror, and a lava lamp.

Lego hippies, however, are not included.

"Its unique character and charm have made it loved all over the world, which has also meant that it has become one of the most customizable vehicles ever produced," Lego designer John-Henry Harris said in a statement.

"There is lots of technical building within the model that I think Lego fans will enjoy," Harris added. "I'm also hoping it will appeal to a wider audience, not just Lego fans. I think the Volkswagen community out there will really appreciate this model."

The $120 VW Camper Lego set will include more than 1,300 pieces and will be available October 1 at Lego retailers. Also available will be a T-shirt that reads "Make Lego models, not war."

The ultimate Lego 'hippie van' even comes with a lava lamp. Lego
Ready to hit the road. This Lego VW camper has everything you could imagine for a psychedelic road adventure. Lego