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VW builds Barbie dream car for Barbie Malibu mansion

VW helped Barbie celebrate her 50th birthday by creating a custom convertible pink Barbie mobile for her dream home in Malibu.

Happy Birthday, Barbie!
Happy Birthday, Barbie! Volkswagen

Some might call it a bit of an extravagant gift for a girl who doesn't even exist, but VW helped Barbie celebrate her 50th birthday by creating a pink custom convertible Barbie car for her dream home in Malibu.

Five colors were mixed to create the perfect hot pink. The New Beetle is outfitted with a custom white leather interior and convertible top, hand-stitched floor mats, pink quilted leather-lined door pockets and armrests, and plenty of rhinestone accents and vanity mirrors. In the trunk is what every girl will be asking for in her next car: a motorized vanity.

Motorized vanity in the trunk.
Motorized vanity in the trunk. Volkswagen

The car's dipstick was painted to match the doll's favorite lipstick color, which is a nice touch. But more helpful would have been to finally include a place for a gal to put her purse that is within arm's reach, but out of the passenger footwell. Maybe a manufacturer can work on that for her 60th birthday?

This recent creation is a one-off, but in 2006 the VW plant in Mexico built 13 Barbie-styled 2007 New Beetles based on the toy car sold by Mattel. For her birthday, Fiat paid tribute by displaying a custom pink Fiat 500 Mini with silk floor mats in Milan.