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Vote in the 2007 Car Tech Awards

CNET Car Tech kicks off voting for the 2007 Tech Car of the Year.

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Another year comes to a close and we consider all the amazing cars we've reviewed. For this year's Car Tech Awards, we've nominated 10 cars in the contest for the 2007 Tech Car of the Year. You can look at the nominees, find out why we selected each one, and cast your vote. We will take the result or our reader poll and the votes of our staff judges to decide the 2007 Tech Car of the Year, which we will announce on January 14, 2008. We also have a set of additional awards for such categories as Best tech update for your beater and Coolest new car tech. The results for these awards will also be announced on January 14, 2008.

Vote for the 2007 Tech Car of the Year.