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Volvo teases new XC40 crossover's sizable storage

A place for everything, and everything in its place.

With the big utes taken care of, Volvo has now set its sights on a new compact crossover, the forthcoming XC40. The automaker's latest teaser appeals directly to the person with too much stuff.

Volvo claims it spent a whole bunch of time figuring out how urbanites (XC40's target market) use their car as mobile storage containers. They were even asked directly how a car interior could be improved to better store all that stuff. Volvo learned that many consumers disliked the status quo, with phones sliding about too-big storage cubbies and bags constantly falling over no matter where they're placed.

The solution involved a whole lot of tweaking. Volvo moved the speakers from the door, giving the door pocket enough space for a laptop or a tablet. The glove compartment has a small folding hook to better hold takeout or shopping bags. There are dashboard slots for regular-use credit or ID cards. There's even a removable bin specifically for garbage.

It keeps going from there. You can fit a tissue box under the armrest. There's a storage solution for the trunk that lets you separate your luggage, as well as additional dividers and hooks for more shopping bags. There's also a locking compartment under the trunk floor for... valuables.

Volvo calls it the end of clutter. Humans will never stop wanting for more storage space in their cars, especially as our everyday carries grow to include new items -- 15 years ago, nobody was expected to be carrying a 6-inch screen at all times. Oh, how times have changed.