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Volvo reintroduces super-reflective LifePaint for winter solstice

It's invisible during the day. But boy, it can reflect a ton of light at night.

When faced with the longest night of the year, cyclists need all the help they can get. That's why Volvo brought back a novel method of staying safe just in time for the winter solstice.

LifePaint is a reflective safety spray meant to make cyclists way more visible at night. After the spray is applied, it's totally invisible during the day. But at night, it reflects light right back to its source, illuminating the hell out of whatever it coats. Whether it's a helmet or the bike itself, it's bright enough to capture drivers' attention.

LifePaint users or mediocre Tron cosplayers? It's anybody's guess, really.


Of course, it's not limited to cyclists. You can spray it onto a dog leash (but not the dog -- please, not the dog), shoes or a child's backpack. It's at its most effective on fibrous materials: cotton, linen, fleece, nylon and other textiles of that ilk.

Volvo doesn't make the spray itself. That's left to Albedo100, a Swedish startup. But Volvo is working in partnership with the company to distribute LifePaint through its dealer network and, for the first time, online.

Since it's being sold through Volvo's UK arm, it probably won't arrive here in the US in time for the solstice, but visibility is important for cyclists no matter how long the night is. A single can retails for £13 (about $16), and buyers can order up to 10 cans each. Shipping is a flat £7 (or about $8), no matter how many cans you order.