Volvo On Call app lets you communicate with your car, tracks thieves

Volvo's new On Call app will let drivers pinpoint the location of their vehicles, activate the door locks, and save journey information to a spreadsheet.

Buy a new Volvo and you'll be able to talk to your cars with the help of a new iPhone and Android app.

While not quite in the tradition of KITT, the free download will let you pinpoint the location of your vehicle, activate the door locks and save journey information to a spreadsheet.

Part of the On Call service that allows Volvo cars to make automatic emergency calls, one of the app's most useful functions is to alert you when the alarm has been triggered in your absence. Usefully, it'll also also allow you to track the location of the car. It's primarily designed to help you locate your Volvo in crowded car parks, but the data can also be used to help Volvo alert the police to your car's exact position.

Once you've found the gits who've made off with your motor, you'll be able to lock them in using the remote locking and unlocking feature, though clever car thieves will be able to foil you by simply using the door handle on the inside.

The On Call app also includes a vehicle dashboard function that replicates the functionality of your Volvo's onboard trip computer. It displays your fuel level, remaining range to empty and your average fuel economy, which should help you avoid running out of fuel on long road trips.

The vehicle journal function, meanwhile, which provides a detailed breakdown of all trips within the last 40 day period, could come in handy for company car users wishing to keep track of their journeys.

The Volvo On Call app is available to download now from the Apple App Store and Android Market and is compatible with 2012 Volvo cars.