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Volvo goes hella fancy with the S90 Excellence interior concept

This isn't an interior for the driver, it's an interior for the driven.

"What do you mean I have to wait six more months for another season of BoJack Horseman?!"


Earlier this year, Volvo rolled out the XC90 Excellence, a six-figure SUV with an interior fit for Swedish (or Chinese, since that's who owns Volvo now) royalty. It will introduce a similar trim for its forthcoming S90 sedan, and at the Beijing auto show, the automaker showed off a concept that takes the S90 Excellence's luxury to the extreme.

Its "Lounge Console" concept builds on a similar layout built for the XC90 in the past. As before, the rear seat is the centerpiece. It packs a center-mounted control panel for the car's heated and cooled cup holders, seat massagers and infotainment. The front passenger seat is removed entirely, to give the rear occupant even more room.

With all that space, Volvo offers three different configurations. There's a mobile working station with a fold-out table and a large screen, an entertainment mode that lets you stream videos and a relaxation mode that's all about kicking back and enjoying a drink from the refrigerator built into the backseat.

While it's unlikely, at least for now, that the missing-front-seat layout will make it to production, there's no doubt that the S90 Excellence will be one very fancy ride, indeed.