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Volvo electric semi trucks hit the road in Europe next year

The Volvo Trucks division will have a full lineup of electric trucks as it works to phase out fossil fuels by 2040.

Volvo Trucks electric lineup
Lots of electric truck choices coming.
Volvo Trucks

Things are changing at Volvo Trucks' expansive lineup of heavy-duty trucks and semis. The division announced Thursday its lineup of all-electric semi trucks will launch in Europe next year as it prepares for mass production of the vehicles in 2022. With 50 tons of capacity and electric driving ranges up to an estimated 186 miles, Volvo Trucks said this is just the start of its EV revolution.

In the long run, Volvo Trucks plans to introduce more advanced electric semis with longer driving ranges through this decade. It also said it has plans for hydrogen fuel cells as well, which could perhaps be a thorn in the side of hydrogen truck startup Nikola. Toyota, too, plans for a fuel-cell semi. Both zero-emission powertrain technologies will help Volvo move toward a fossil-free lineup of trucks by 2040, according to the division, but the transition will be gradual, in the company's words.

While the full lineup of trucks seen here won't launch until next year, the Volvo VNR Electric transport truck hits the road next month. Trials have been ongoing in southern California, where the electric semi runs between 75 and 175 miles. It's just a building block toward the company's all-electric future, but nevertheless, it's an important one.

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