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Volvo documenting Concept You design on Tumblr

Volvo is microblogging the design and construction of its upcoming Concept You before the big reveal at the upcoming Frankfurt auto show.

Volvo engineers designing the Concept You vehicle.
Volvo engineers designing the Concept You vehicle. Volvo

As it struggles to reinvent its brand from safety stalwart to naughty luxury carmaker, Volvo is exploring its artsy side by documenting the construction of its next concept vehicle, the Concept You, in a series of photos on Tumblr. Yes, Volvo has a Tumblr account.

The Swedish auto manufacturer plans to reveal the Concept You next week at the 2011 Frankfurt auto show. The days are counting down to the big debut, and to build buzz, Volvo is releasing videos and photos of the vehicle online.

Although no finished images of the Concept You have been leaked, stumbled-upon images and photos of people and objects that inspired the vehicle's design are being posted on Tumblr. Volvo also microblogged the design and reveal of the Concept Universe sedan that that it showed at the Shanghai auto show last spring. Chances are good that the Concept You will bear some resemblance to its similarly named predecessor.

Until next week, enjoy the pretty photos of Volvo engineers getting their hands dirty crafting their vision.