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Volvo developing its first all-electric car

Volvo Cars has announced that it has an all-electric version of C30 hatchback in the works.

Volvo C30 BEV
While there will be big changes under the hood, the C30 BEV will otherwise be identical to the C30 ICE. Volvo

Volvo Cars has announced that, in addition to developing a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, it has an all-electric version of the C30 hatchback in the works. The electric variant will be called the C30 BEV (battery electric vehicle) and will be the automaker's first all-electric vehicle.

The C30 BEV will replace the internal-combustion engine with an electric motor of indeterminate output. Meanwhile, the gasoline tank will be dropped in favor of a lithium ion battery pack. Volvo states that it is still working on the best placement of the 24 kWh battery pack, but has stated that the center tunnel and/or the stock gas tank location would be the safest options. Recharging a drained battery with a 230V household power supply will take about 8 hours.

Volvo C30 BEV's instrument cluster
Along with a new powerplant comes a new instrument cluster, complete with a kilowatt meter. Volvo

The C30 BEV will be limited to a top speed of about 81 mph, which is good enough for highway cruising, with a best-case-scenario range of 93 miles between charges. Zero-to-60 runs will take about 11 seconds, but that would put a sizable dent in your cruising range.

"The Volvo C30 is the first model we will try out with electric power. This car's excellent properties in city traffic and its relatively low weight make it particularly suitable, since electric cars are primarily expected to be used in and around cities and for daily commuting," said Lennart Stegland, Director of Volvo Cars Special Vehicles.