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Volvo Concept Universe has touchscreen that reaches for your hand

Volvo's new luxury concept could challenge Germany's finest. The car features a massive touchscreen that magically moves towards your hand.


Volvos are fairly luxurious cars, but let's face it, when parked next to a high-end BMW or Benz, they can look like the poor relation. That may soon change, though, as the Scandinavian company has created a new luxury concept that could out-splendour Germany's finest.

The Volvo Concept Universe's reassuringly expensive exterior design is reminiscent of the Jaguar XJ. It certainly looks the part, but it's the interior that really gets our juices gushing. Get this: it features an enormous touchscreen display that actually approaches your hand when you reach towards it -- like Luke Skywalker reaching for his lightsaber. Why? No idea.

Other luxury touches include an interior colour scheme that starts off dark at the front and fades seamlessly towards the rear. The rear seats themselves are moulded into the car, forming part of the interior, rather than being screwed to the floor.

Outside, Volvo's swapped the boring metal grille found at the front of most cars for a set of layered LED lights. The car's headlamps, meanwhile, double as indicators, swapping between dazzling white and amber whenever you indicate.

The Volvo Concept Universe was created predominantly to appeal to the Chinese market, but Volvo will also be showing the car off in Europe and the US to gauge consumer reaction before committing to building it proper.

We thoroughly approve. If you're still undecided, we suggest you watch the video below to get a closer look, as it could just change your mind about Volvo.