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Volvo breaks out the history books for V90 Cross Country teaser

While we haven't seen much, if you've already spied the regular V90, you've got a good idea of what to expect.

The road to the Paris Motor Show is becoming littered with teasers and early debuts. We've already seen the latest from Mercedes-Benz, Kia and Land Rover, and now it's time for Volvo to get its tease on. Say hello to the V90 Cross Country...sort of.

Instead of rolling the whole thing out ahead of time, Volvo decided to give us a bit of a history lesson. Its teaser video looks at the history of the Cross Country, which spawned two distinct lineups -- the XC crossovers (e.g. XC90) and the Cross Country. The latter is basically a series of wagons with lift kits, like the Volkswagen Alltrack.

Even though Volvo only teased the V90 Cross Country, it's pretty easy to assume what it will look like. Take a normal V90, lift it and maybe add some off-color body cladding. There you go. Sorry to ruin the surprise, Volvo. We'll probably see it in person at the end of September, although it might debut a week or so prior.