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Volkswagen's diesel deadline delayed...again

At this rate, we may as well tell the company, "You know, whenever you feel like it is fine."

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

When US District Judge Charles Breyer told Volkswagen that it had until June 21 to get its final diesel settlement in order with federal regulators, both parties seemed to be on track to hit the deadline. Well, perhaps everybody spoke a little too soon, because the deadline has been pushed back again.

Thankfully, this deadline delay isn't terribly long. Judge Breyer is giving Volkswagen and the feds just one more week, Reuters reports. Now the pair have until June 28 to get their ducks in a row. The settlement is fairly complicated and will likely involve multiple remedies, including buybacks, repairs, remediation funds and financial compensation.

This doesn't mean Volkswagen is almost out of hot water -- far from it, actually. Once it's met this deadline, the group will still need to deal with its V-6 diesels and as its violation of the Clean Air Act. It's also still under criminal investigation, and it's been named in several class-action lawsuits.

Volkswagen ended up in this position after it admitted to willfully deceiving emissions regulations. The automaker equipped its diesel vehicles with software that curbed emissions in the lab, only to pollute well above legal limits once the cars hit the road. The company is expected to pay billions of dollars to solve this issue, which affects some 11 million cars worldwide.