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Volkswagen reportedly patents sci-fi coupe without windshield

If you put something up on the internet, it's bound to be discovered eventually.

I see a lot of Bugatti in here, but I could be (and am frequently) wrong.

European Union Intellectual Property Office

In order to protect intellectual property, automakers will apply for vehicle design patents, which, if uncovered, can lift the veil on a car well ahead of any actual debut. That appears to be what happened to Volkswagen with its no-windshield concept car.

Enterprising sleuths from the VWVortex forum allegedly uncovered a Volkswagen patent filing that lays claim to a very long coupe, likely a concept car. However, unlike most other concept cars, this one has no windshield. None. There's just a big expanse of flat nothingness that covers both the front and rear windshields. There are still side windows, though.

It doesn't look like any other Volkswagen out there. To me, it feels more like a Bugatti concept, and that's only because the drawing's taillights are very similar to the lights on the new Bugatti Chiron. Furthermore, Bugatti feels like the only company that could get away with the big ol' fin that splits the rear end in twain.

The VWVortex post claims that the concept is both electric and autonomous, but that could just be a safe bet, since nearly every concept these days is both battery-powered and self-driving. Volkswagen just released one of those concepts at the Paris Motor Show -- the I.D., a concept that's slated to become reality in 2020, positioned alongside the VW Golf.

Of course, just because patent filings have entered the news cycle doesn't mean Volkswagen is going to spill the beans. More likely than not, everyone will have to wait until one of the major auto shows -- Geneva, Paris, Detroit -- to get any more information than what's currently available.

(Hat tip to Motor1!)

European Union Intellectual Property Office
European Union Intellectual Property Office