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Volkswagen, LG team up to merge connected cars and smart homes

The two companies will collaborate on a connected-car platform that integrates more aspects of an owner's life.


LG already has its hands in so many different aspects of the internet of things, it's giving Volkswagen a substantial advantage over automakers that lack this kind of partnership.

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We've only just begun scraping the surface of connected cars. As more and more aspects of our daily lives become connected to the internet, it's all but inevitable that they'll begin to blend together. That's what LG and Volkswagen intend to do with their new partnership.

The two companies have agreed to work together on developing a next-generation connected car platform. The idea is to create a platform that seamlessly integrates smart home features into the car, so you can set your lights or activate your home security system from the road.

The partnership will also work on a new infotainment platform for connected cars, as well as a notification center that can send pertinent messages to the driver in a way that isn't terribly distracting. All this should take place over the next few years.

LG's tech empire already has its hands in the auto industry. LG Chem is set to provide battery components for GM's upcoming electric Chevrolet Bolt, and LG's affiliates already provide certain audio and battery components to Volkswagen. In fact, this partnership was previewed at this year's CES, where the two companies unveiled a smart-home system that could be controlled from a car.

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