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Volkswagen introduces a lower-cost, Limited Edition e-Golf

At over $35,000, Volkswagen's e-Golf is one of the nicer, but not one of the cheaper, electric vehicles on the road. Now, a Limited Edition drops that price by $2,000.

A $2k discount on an e-Golf -- if you can live with hubcaps. Volkswagen

If you're looking for one of the nicer battery-powered electric cars on the road, look no further than the Volkswagen e-Golf . It is, for all intents and purposes, a Volkswagen Golf that just happens to be electric. That is to say: a very nice car indeed.

However, priced at over $35,000 in the US, it doesn't fit into everyone's budget. Enter the Limited Edition. This version of the car loses a few premium features -- the leather interior, alloy wheels and LED headlights -- to save nearly $2,000 over the cost of the original version.

This brings the price of the car down to $33,450 -- still not cheap, but a bit more palatable if that's on the upper-edge of your budget. The car still offers plenty of niceties, including navigation, keyless entry plus ignition, and integrated DC Fast Charging. The 24.2 kWh battery providing 83 miles of range stays unchanged, too.

As you can guess by the name, the Limited Edition will be available in limited numbers at participating dealerships, so don't tarry.