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Volkswagen teases ID Buzz on video, promises it's coming soon

The electric microbus revival is almost here, for real this time.


Last month Volkswagen released the first three images of the production-spec ID Buzz, the company's long-awaited electric microbus revival that was previewed as a concept in 2017. While it didn't give away any specs or details, VW said the van would be unveiled in 2022. Judging by a new teaser video released Thursday on Twitter, it now seems like the unveiling will happen sooner rather than later.

In the clip we can see the ID Buzz being unlocked, showing off the headlights that feature eyebrow-like daytime running lights that connect to a central light bar running across the nose. The main headlight components are adaptive, swiveling up as the car is turned on, and they have a cool lined LED pattern. Though not present on this Euro-spec model, the ID Buzz we get in the US will likely have a light-up VW logo as well.

The teaser also shows illuminated door handles and puddle lights that project a hexagonal image on the ground. The van in the video is the same one that was previewed last month, and we still don't get to see a dead-on profile shot or any of the rear end, but the production ID Buzz is sticking super close in design to the concept car. Honestly, I think VW should even offer the psychedelic rainbow wrap as an option.

Interspersed throughout the short video is text that says the ID Buzz has "the DNA of an icon" and that it's "coming soon," and the caption of the tweet says that 2022 will be the year of the ID Buzz. If I had to wager a guess, we'll see the production ID Buzz unveiled within the first quarter of the year -- maybe even next month. Groovy.

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