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Volkswagen ID Buzz concept continues new-age nostalgia tour in Geneva

Is this article just an excuse to gawk at more pictures of Volkswagen's cool concept? Mayyyyyyyyybe.

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Volkswagen ID Buzz electric van on a beach with palm trees

There's going to be a whole lot of new sheet metal at the Geneva Motor Show, but there's something to be said about cozying up to something nice and familiar. Our not-so-old friend, the VW ID Buzz concept, is that something.

Returning to the auto show circuit, the ID Buzz lands in Palexpo next week alongside two new things -- the Volkswagen Arteon and the Tiguan Allspace. The Arteon is likely the successor to the swoopy-coupe CC sedan, and the Tiguan Allspace is the long-wheelbase variant of the European Tiguan. It's the only Tiggy we get in the US, so we just call it Tiguan here.

Volkswagen ID Buzz Geneva
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Volkswagen ID Buzz Geneva

We're all suckers for the good ol' days.


Unveiled first at the Detroit Auto Show in early January, the ID Buzz is the second ID concept to come from Volkswagen. It rides on the same electric-only MEB platform that will underpin a number of future VW EVs, but it packs the looks of a new-age Microbus. To further reinforce the connection, some of Volkswagen's new ID Buzz pics are taken alongside one. Nostalgia play? Nooooo.

The ID Buzz packs two electric motors, one at each axle. The rear axle alone is good for about 201 horsepower, but in tandem, they put out somewhere around 369 hp. 60 mph arrives in 5 seconds (hypothetically, since it's a concept), but top speed is limited to 99 mph. Range is estimated somewhere around 270 miles, thanks to a 111-kWh battery in the floor.

All that extra space means the ID Buzz has a damned spacious interior. The seats can be moved around, folded flat or removed. When the car is driving autonomously (again, hypothetically), the front seats swivel 180 degrees so everyone in the car can hang out and share a laugh or two, or whatever it is Millennials are supposed to do in this thing.

The first ID concept, called simply the ID, is a peek into the future of Volkswagen's lineup. Priced and sized to slot in alongside the diesel Golf, the ID will be an entirely electric affair that places the focus on space and semi-autonomy. It's part of Volkswagen's effort to debut some 30 new EVs over the next several years across its many brands. And we drove it!

Looking at the Volkswagen ID Buzz concept never gets old

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