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Volkswagen ID 4 owners will receive unlimited free charging

Well, for the first three years. Then the charging cost is on you.

Volkswagen ID 4 teaser
Charging? That's on VW for three years.

A new Volkswagen ID 4 will come with a serious deal sweetener, the automaker announced Monday. Any person who goes home with a new ID 4 will receive three years of unlimited, free charging across the Electrify America charging network. Electrify America is a Volkswagen Group subsidiary, so the deal makes a lot of sense.

VW said the perk comes at no extra cost to ID 4 buyers and it will give new owners access to over 470 charging stations across the US and a total of 2,000 DC fast-charging plugs. Scott Keogh, CEO of Volkswagen Group of America, said in a statement that this deal will eliminate "all barriers for mainstream compact SUV buyers to go electric." The vast majority of EV owners end up charging their cars at home, but nevertheless, it's not bad to have free access to a charging network that now stretches from coast to coast.

Electrify America worked pretty quickly in 2019 to bring its current group of charging stations online, but plans are in motion to almost double the network. By the end of 2021, the company plans to have about 800 stations with 3,500 chargers available to drivers. As for the ID 4, we'll see the electric SUV debut on Sept. 23. Keep tuned to Roadshow as we plan to bring you everything we know about the ID 4 as soon as we know it.

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