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Volkswagen reveals details on EV flagship: Project Trinity

Project Trinity will be Volkswagen's version of the Landjet codenamed project for Audi, Porsche and Bentley.

Volkswagen Project Trinity
What's under the sheet?

Although Volkswagen is laser-focused on bringing affordable electric cars to buyers, the German brand also wants to flex its EV authority in the near future with what it calls Project Trinity. On Wednesday, Volkswagen's CEO Ralf Brandstaetter said in a LinkedIn post Project Trinity will arrive with three main elements, as its name implies.

One, the VW brand will usher in a new EV platform with Trinity. Secondly, the brand promised Level 2 partially automated driving assistance, like something similar to General Motors' Super Cruise technology. Thirdly, VW promises to build the EV with a "radically new production approach." These three pillars will headline the brand's technological innovation and "democratize" autonomous driving. Although the vehicle will launch with Level 2 assist systems, VW said it will have everything it needs for true Level 4 autonomous driving. We've heard that promise before from other automakers, and it hasn't exactly panned out yet, keep in mind.

Volkswagen didn't immediately return Roadshow's request for comment on Trinity, but signs point to this vehicle as the brand's own version of the previously announced Landjet project. Volkswagen Group, which oversees the VW brand and many more, plans for an ultra-luxurious and cutting-edge EV for Audi, Bentley and Porsche under the Landjet codename. According to past reports, Landjet will arrive at Audi first, with Bentley and Porsche versions to follow. It's not clear how much Trinity will share with Landjet, if they do hold connections, or when we'll see VW's new brainchild. We honestly don't even know what kind of vehicle we'll eventually see; the jury's out on whether VW Group has a big ol' SUV planned, or some sort of low-slung flagship sedan.

In the meantime, VW will continue to support the ID 3 in Europe and prepare for ID 4 production to begin in multiple parts of the world, including here in the US.

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