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Volkswagen Arteon is your first look at the CC's successor

It will debut at the Geneva Motor Show next March.

It basically looks like a CC. Maybe it'll be bigger, I don't know.

Reports started circulating last week that Volkswagen has ended production of its CC four-door coupe in favor of something newer coming down the pipeline. Now, we've got an idea of what will replace the CC, and it's called the Arteon.

Volkswagen's Arteon, shown off here in pencil-sketch form, will likely serve as the CC's replacement. VW bills it as a totally new model that sits atop the Passat in its vehicular hierarchy, which could make it a suitable replacement for the CC.

There's also the point that the Arteon's sketch looks almost exactly like the current CC, albeit with larger wheels, an updated front fascia and some sharper angles along the shoulder line. Volkswagen promises LED lighting, frameless windows and a big ol' trunk.

What doesn't sit well with me is the name. "Arteon" is meant to be a blend of "art" (because it's artsy, I guess?) and "eon" (to denote its position as a range-topping model), but it ends up sounding like a Pokemon. We'll get to find out whether it looks like a Pokemon in March, when the car debuts at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland.

The CC's swoopy-coupe looks haven't given it the best sales numbers. According to Good Car Bad Car, VW's pushed out only a few hundred CCs each month, not breaking the 1,000-unit mark since June 2014. On the other hand, Volkswagen sold roughly 10 times that number of Passat sedans -- and it's considered a lukewarm-at-best seller in its family sedan segment -- so something had to be done with the CC.